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Ambassador Program FAQ's


What do I have to do to become an ambassador?

1. Read through the Terms and Conditions, you must agree to the terms in order to become an ambassador.  Two important things to note are that you must be at least 18 years or older and have a public Instagram profile.

2. Fill out the form located on the Ambassador Program page. Note: if the form is not filled out, you cannot become an ambassador.

a. When you are filling out the form, you must choose one of two methods of becoming an ambassador.  

1. You can choose to use photos from ROX's website and Instagram and repost them on your social media with the custom 15% off discount we give you.  This option is completely free.

2. You can choose to create your own content and images of our products to post to social media with your 15% off code, by purchasing a product/product(s) at a significant discount with a code we send you.  These codes can go up to 100% off based on Instagram engagement.  If for any reason you don't like the product, or approve of it's quality, just let us know when you get it and we will allow you to return it free of charge.

3. We will respond to your application within 24-48 hours notifying you on whether or not you have been accepted into the program. 

How do I know that my application was submitted?

After you fill out the application, you will be asked if you'd like a copy of your responses.  Click the button to Submit the application. (You may need to scroll up to see this). As shown below.

Then, you should see text that says "Thank you for submitting your ROX Jewelry Ambassador Application.  You should hear back from us in 24-48 hours via email on whether or not you have been accepted into the program!" As shown below.

Because this is a Google Form, it does work best with Google Chrome, on a computer (But is compatible with all other browsers).  If you do not see these images, please make sure you scroll to the top of the screen, and make sure you have submitted the application.  If you still don't see these images after submitting the form, please take a screenshot of your entire sreen and sent it to us at ambassador@roxjewelryshop.com

Do I have to promote jewelry?

 Nope! We carry more than just jewelry.  Check out our Other Products Here!

How long will it take me to get my item after I order something?

This varies depending on your shipping location and if you are ordering Jewelry or other items.  Non-jewelry items (i.e. apparel, accessories, home decor, etc.) are processed and shipped by third party suppliers around the globe, therefore shipping and delivery times range from 1 week - 4 weeks depending on the supplier.

Do I have to buy something to become an ambassador?

 Nope!  The purchase and post option is the only option where a purchase is required.  You can still get a 15% off discount code to share and make money without purchasing anything.

Will I be sent a free product?

Because we pay you for the number of times your 15% off code is used, we don't necessarily send free items.  However, that doesn't mean that you would have to pay full price (or at all) if you want to be an ambassador.  There's two ways you can choose to promote us (also outlined above as well as in the Terms and Conditions.)

1) Use our photos and post with your 15% off code
2) Purchase a product (at a significant discount with a code we send you) then post with your 15% off code.  If for any reason you don't like the product, or approve of it's quality, just let us know when you get it and we will allow you to return it free of charge.


How do I track my sales?
Our system automatically pays you for every 5 items that are purchased with your discount code through the payment method you specified on your ambassador application (PayPal, Venmo, or Store Credit).  You will also get an email from us when the payment is sent. 

We are working on a way for ambassadors to be able to login and check the number of times their code has been used.  In the meantime, you can request to be sent a screenshot of your code and the number of times that it has been used on our dashboard up to once a week.

How will I be paid?
We send payments via Paypal, Venmo, or Store credit through a gift card..

How much will I be paid? 
You will be paid $5 for each jewelry item purchased with your code, and $2 for each other item purchased with your code.

When will I be paid? 
You are paid for every 5 sales that you generate with your unique discount code. 

What if I don't get 5 sales? 
No worries! You can request your payment at any time and we will send it right over to you. Just drop us a line via email ambassador@roxjewelryshop.com . 

Why do you do the commission style for posts? Can I just receive a one-time payment before I post? 
For every sale that is made, you will get paid!  Make $5 for each jewelry item purchased, and $2 for each other item purchased.  So, let's say that you sell 20 items and 10 of them are jewelry while 10 of them are other products.  That means you make $70!  Usually Instagram promoters ask for a fixed price like $40, for example.  This actually works to your disadvantage because you won't be able to fully capitalize on the sales generated from your posts.  As an affiliate, your potential earnings are limitless!  We track the number of sales you make by giving you a personal discount code to share with your followers

How will you know that I have sold anything? 
We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. You can request to see how many times it has been used by emailing us!



Tagging, Captions, and Hashtags
Best practice is to tag us in your caption and photo. You definitely want to post often, and always include your discount code in the post. We also suggest you use as many hashtags as possible (30 currently for Instagram*) hashtags like #rox #roxjewelry #roxambassador #giftsthatgiveback #givingbackrox #SheROX are also great for gaining exposure.  

Will you send me pictures to post? 
You can use the product photos on our website for your post! However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at what other Instagrammers have posted for us. Also, you can look at our page on Instagram @roxjewelryshop

Referring Friends

How do I refer a friend to the ambassador program?

You can refer anyone who is 18 years or older and has a public Instagram profile by filling out the form here

What do I get if I refer a friend to the ambassador program?

You make $5-$10 for every friend that signs up for the ambassador program when they make their 1st purchase!

How much money will I make?

If you chose the option to be paid via store credit on your original ambassador application, then you will make $10 in the form of a gift card.  If you chose PayPal or Venmo, you will make $5 per person!

Do I tell them I referred them?

We recommend letting them know they have been referred.

When do you email them?

If the person you sent us has a valid email account and is over the age of 18, we send them an email within 1-5 business days of your form being submitted.

How long does it take for a referred friend to become an ambassador?

That is completely up to the friend you refer.  If they do not fill out the form, or meet the requirements they will not become an ambassador.  

How do I know if they have applied?

You must ask the person you referred if they have applied.

How do I know if they have purchased something as an ambassador?

We will automatically notify you via email and pay you within 1-5 business days of receiving a completed payment by a person you referred.  Please do not email us asking if it has happened.


*Instagram's policies are constantly changing, this may not remain valid, so it is encouraged that you maintain your own knowledge of these rules